About Pain Management

Those LA residents who are dealing with constant lumbar pain know that University Spine & Pain is here to help. Widely renowned as the top provider of relief for sufferers of back pain in Los Angeles, many have turned to our state-of-the-art facilities and experienced staff for their pain management needs. Year after year, thousands of active adults turn to the best team in the tri-state area and undergo pain management treatments to ease their pain. Yet while pain management is a well-known medical field, not everyone is familiar with the details of it.

Pain medicine, more commonly referred to as pain management, is a field of medical care which deals explicitly with the administration of pain relief to those suffering from chronic pain, injury, and disease. Specialists in the field of pain medicine come from a variety of backgrounds including neurology, psychology, and physical therapy. Each of the diverse fields from which pain medicine originates also has its own treatment options which are used in pain management. Pain medicine treatments include exercise, psychological counseling, as well as injections.